We deliver to any region of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union, as well as Europe, Asia and the USA. Delivery Methods: Air, Railway and Motor Transport.

Delivery in Moscow 500r, Moscow Airports-1000r.


Sending abroad Russia is discussed only in personal correspondence.


You can watch and buy from 8.00 to 23.00, by prior call:

Phone: +7 915 1111 771


Sending to other regions of Russia only from 10.000 rub + 500 rub Courier + You yourself pay for the services of the carrier upon receipt of the parcel.


Air Dispatch:

We also deliver hydrobionts by plane to the most distant cities of Russia and the Customs Union.

Everything is strictly in compliance with Veterinary requirements and Temperature conditions.

Specify the price taking into account all expenses at the personal address.

The cargo is labeled "Live Animals" in compliance with all the norms and requirements of the airline and veterinary control.


With regular orders in Russia worth over $ 250 bonuses are provided in the form of corals, etc.


Each batch is specially packaged in a thermo box and can survive transportation for up to 2 days.


Animal Warranty (Fish, Coral, Invertebrate):

Personally purchased Pisces, Corals, Invertebrates are not subject to return and exchange. Claims are not accepted! We choose personally, Ask Questions ...



After being transferred to the buyer’s hands, all purchased hydrobionts cannot be returned and exchanged (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 19.01.95 No. 55)


We value our customers and offer only quality animals.

We offer the maximum possible guarantee - 5 hours from the moment of receipt of the goods.

And a guarantee for the replacement of dead animals.

We are confident in the excellent quality of our products.




In the event of the death of animals, the buyer can count on the replacement of animals of his own choice, within the paid amount.

  • Replacement of animals is carried out only for the dead, excluding the cost of delivery.
  • Warranty applies only to animals in OUR packaging. All adaptation measures are strictly under the buyer's responsibility.
  • In case of death of animals send only clear photos on which you can identify the animal!


To get a guarantee:

It is necessary not later than 5 hours from the moment of receipt of the cargo to send a photo of the unopened bag with our eyelet, and then the dead animal on a light background. That is, 2 frames for each lost position.

If the photo is sent later than the deadline, the claim will not be considered and the replacement will be refused.


If the animals came in good condition, the corals opened up, the fish are clean, without visible damage, then the further responsibility for the animals rests entirely with the new owner!


If the animal arrived clearly in poor condition, then claims are accepted only on the day of receipt!


All animals Always overexposed, parasitized, fully quarantined!


Recommendation: Always treat Corals for parasites and infections before planting in the aquarium. Animals come from wild conditions and even 4-5 anti-parasitic treatments are not enough.